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[February 2009]

Teardrop Bottle - H 9" x W 7" x D 6"

Warren Frederick is entranced by the potential for pottery to infiltrate art into daily life. By reducing form to its essential elements, by pursing an understated palette, and by creating a sense of incompleteness Frederick seeks to transform the mundane—the often unnoticed actions of gaining sustenance—into an aesthetic experience created in concert by the user and the potter.

Frederick is most intrigued by the contemporary power of ancient pottery. Perhaps it is gray Korean Silla-ware from the 9th century, 10th century African earthenware bottles from Mali, 13th century nodule jars from the Mississippian American Indians, or 12,000-year-old Jomon pottery from the Neolithic inhabitants of Japan. The goal is objects which are both familiar and unfamiliar.


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Woodfired, Natural Ash Glaze H 11" W 6" x D 4"